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How to choose food dehydrator?

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Material of inner cavity and grid
The plastic mesh material is easy to deform and produce odor after a long time, and the ingredients will be very unsafe. Therefore, when choosing the material of the inner cavity of the dried fruit machine and the grid, you should avoid the production of plastics and try to choose safe materials, so that the baked ingredients are safe and secure.

Machines with poor sealing are easy to attract dust into the machine when they are made, and the smell of food will also attract flies and mosquitoes, resulting in unsanitary ingredients. The sealed machine will not attract dust and mosquitoes, nor will it reduce the loss of heat. The baked ingredients are effective and can also keep food fresh.

Air duct design
The design of the air duct directly determines whether the same batch of food inside the machine is evenly dried. It is best to choose a fruit dryer that uses a 3D circulating air duct system, which can dry the food in the machine at the same time, heat evenly, and have a good effect. However, the fruit dryer with a single right or rear air duct has uneven heating of the ingredients and the effect is not good.

Temperature control
The temperature-controlled and dried fruit machine with electronic probe can keep the heat and stability inside the machine for a long time, and the dried food tastes good and pure.

A fully functional fruit dryer is very useful. It can be used to make dried fruit, dried meat, dried vegetables, flower tea, yogurt; dry some damp, moldy tea and medicinal materials at home; and can also make small snacks for pets. Wait, one machine is versatile and very powerful, it will bring a lot of convenience to life.


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